6 Ways to Actually Increase Your Luck


To be lucky means to have a higher chance of success in a policy, while being unlucky means to have less chance of success in the same policy, but luck is intangible. Many people attribute luck as a factor in their successes or failures as an accidental element that mysteriously but profoundly affects their subsequent results.

As per the definition above, luck has an impact on your subsequent success in any business. After all, the concept of luck is just a statement that your decisions are at least partially influenced by chance, and that is true regardless of the situation. However, there are ways to increase your luck by creating situations and circumstances where the odds may tilt slightly in your favor. Here’s how:

Face Your Fears

You’ve probably heard the phrase “luck favors the brave,” and it’s no wonder that phrase has become so popular. Those who make bold decisions or take big risks are more likely to be lucky than those who remain undecided or take the path of least resistance. This is partly due to our psychology. When faced with a risky decision, our minds tend to imagine the worst-case scenario. When we face our fears and make a decision, the end results are seldom the worst case scenario, let alone exceptional results considered decent. Otherwise, indecision will do nothing for you, and brave decision-makers seem much happier in comparison. Face your fears and make bold decisions.


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