7 Mysteries That Science Can’t Explain


Science is powerful but can’t explain much. And when people see, hear, or believe something that is not explained, science tries to prove that there are no things, and that is really impossible.

Everyone loves a good mystery, but solving a mystery can be challenging at times. Sometimes there are events that just have no explanation. Here are seven terrifying secrets science cannot explain.

Giant Stone Spheres

In Costa Rica, on the islands of Isla del Cano and Diquis Delta, there are more than three hundred circular objects of various sizes. These balls, known to the locals as Las Bolas and literally translated as “the balls”, were also known as Diquis balls. These near-perfect round stones vary in size and can each weigh up to 16 tons.

Almost all of them appear to be granodiorite, others are limestone or sandstone. And nobody really knows where they came from. There are myths that the stones come from Atlantis, the legendary sunken city, and were created by a long-forgotten society. The stones have been studied for years, but the only sure thing is that they are thousands of years old.


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