[100% Off] A Biophilic Home.

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Learn how to create more well-being at home by designing for all your senses with a biophilic home. In interior design, there is a lot of attention given to the visual elements of our environment, but a biophilic home, a home in which we invite and are connected to nature, is a home that supports and stimulates all our senses.


In this class, I wanted to share with you the fundamental elements that you need to look out for that will make or break your sense of happiness at home. Things like:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Noise
  • The materials and textures you surround yourself with
  • Your ability to cook a healthy meal

We can select wall colours and matching curtains all we want, but if our senses are impaired because we chose the wrong home or focused on the wrong things when we designed our home, it’s very hard to reach a sense of well-being at home.

So before you start selecting furniture and colours, you need to take care of the fundamentals. The support of your senses in a way that would happen in nature:

  • Your space allows you to receive copious amounts of light
  • You make sure the air you breathe is clean
  • You make sure you have windows that can keep the noise levels in check
  • You select natural materials that offer a variety of textures
  • The design of your home supports you in cooking healthy
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