[100% Off] Basics of Electric Vehicle and EV Charging

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This Course has been created to spread the awareness about the Electric Vehicle eco-system. Since the Automotive Industry is shifting from IC Engine to Electric Drive Train, this Course is very helpful for Students, Contractors, Consultants and Entrepreneurs in the Electric Vehicle Segment.


If you want to have your own Electric Vehicle Charging Station or you want to install EV Charger in your home, office or building, you should attend this course to have a better insight and be aware of the Terminologies used in EV.

The Course is for Beginners in e-Mobility and it is divided into 2 Modules:

Module 1

• Introduction to Electric Vehicles


History of Electric Vehicles

Types of Electric Vehicles

Benefits of Electric Vehicles over IC Engine Vehicles

Main components of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

• Charging Standards & Protocols

AC & DC Charging

Charging Levels

Charging Modes

Plug / Connectors Types

Communication Protocols in EV

Module 2

• Li-Ion Battery

•Battery Management System (BMS)

•Charging Management System (CMS)

•Stake Holders in an e-Mobility Eco-System

•Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI)

After completing this course you will :

• Understand the importance and need of Electric Vehicles.

• Know the charging Standards & Communication Protocol.

• Understand different Charging technologies, Batteries and Connectors.

• Know the Importance of a Battery Management System.

• Know how Charging Management System connects everything.

• Understand the Type of Charger application-wise.

• Get familiar to EV Charging Infrastructure.

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