[100% Off] Content writing with live practical project.

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Welcome to our new course “Content writing with live practical project”. Writing is an art. We will lead you to learn how to become a better writer. There will be lots of videos in this course and also lots of activities.


Now before you start the course, you have to think about the following question.

Why do you want to be a writer?

If you already have an answer then you may go to our course.

The course has 4 module, 20 lectures and a lot of activities.


Moule-1: the introduction.

Module-2: Basic of content writing.

Module-3: Level up section.

And the last module, module- 4: live practical content writing project.

Let’s see the all course syllabus in short.

1. First, you will know what are the good qualities of a good website?

2. The differences between print media vs web content

3. Find out our readers

4. User’s needs and goals, you will also know about this

5. The purpose of content writing

6. Then the characteristics of good content

7. When we will write which style will follow or not

8. We will learn also keywords, heading, lists, links, visual and audios etc. when, where and how to use this element.

9. How to plan for writing? It is very important to write an effective content and save the time of writing.

10. Then we will create a persona for a targeted person

11. How to rewrite and editing our written content

12. How to become a better writer

13. SEO friendly content writing

14. in the last section, you will see live practical writing project. Who can attend this course?

Everyone can attend this course. Anytime. Who want to learn and want to write content. Or, who created a new website for his or her business and desire to gain knowledge about content writing.

If you have already a beautiful website and want to hair a perfect content writer, you may attend this course. So, this course is only for you. Please take your time and feel fresh.

Thank you.

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