[100% Off] Creating NFT Funny Characters In Photoshop

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Join over 1100 learning students and start gaining the drawing skills you’ve always wanted.


Hello dear friends, in this course, I will teach you how to make NFT. In this course, you will learn a lot about how to design a character from scratch in Photoshop. I will teach you the various steps of creating a character carefully so that you can learn the ability to create different parts of the character’s face such as eyes, nose, lips and mouth, hair, glasses, ears, body, clothes, etc.

I have about 20 years of experience in the field of professional artwork

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My experience is not only the ability to draw, but I also have the ability to create 3D models, and I am preparing several tutorials for you in this area.


Please practice this hand very carefully many times and see Amr’s extraordinary face. I hope you enjoy learning this lesson.

I look forward to seeing you in the many educational collections that I will produce, and in these collections, I will teach you great things to make you a very capable person in the field of creating works of art.

These are the titles of the things you will learn in this course

  • 01 Drawing body
  • 02 Drawing body 2
  • 03 Drawing eyes
  • 04 Drawing eyebrows
  • 05 Drawing noses
  • 06 Drawing lips
  • 07 Drawing hairs
  • 08 Drawing glasses
  • 09 Drawing T-shirts
  • 10 Generating final NFT characters
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