[100% Off] Learn Java Multithreading from Scratch | Prepare Interview

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  • Multithreading in Java is a process of executing two or more threads simultaneously to maximum utilization of CPU. Multithreaded applications execute two or more threads run concurrently. Hence, it is also known as Concurrency in Java
  • The main purpose of multithreading is to provide simultaneous execution of two or more parts of a program to maximum utilize the CPU time.
  • Become an expert in Java Multithreading Parallel programming in Java, with strong emphasis on high performance.
  • Practical-oriented solutions in deep.
  • Learn to utilize your computer and Java language using Concurrency and Parallel programming.
  • Prepare for technical campus interviews where students may find more solutions on multithreading.
  • Learn to write parallel programming code using Java multithreading.
  • Inter thread communications between thread
  • Threads are lightweight sub-processes, they share the common memory space. In Multithreaded environment, programs that are benefited from multithreading, utilize the maximum CPU time so that the idle time can be kept to minimum.
  • If you are new to java you may get confused among these terms as they are used quite frequently when we discuss multithreading. Let’s talk about them in brief.Multitasking: Ability to execute more than one task at the same time is known as multitasking.Multithreading: We already discussed about it. It is a process of executing multiple threads simultaneously. Multithreading is also known as Thread-based Multitasking.Multiprocessing: It is same as multitasking, however in multiprocessing more than one CPUs are involved. On the other hand one CPU is involved in multitasking.
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