Watch These 10 Horror Movies If You Dare


The Descent

Since the release of 28 Days Later, The Descent has been recognized by many viewers and critics as one of the UK’s best thrillers. Sahara’s friends decided to train him for a friendly outing to cheer her up after looking after her daughter and husband who were recently killed in an unfortunate car accident.

But the so-called pleasure trip turns into a terrible nightmare, as Sahra and other women are trapped in a mysterious cave system that terrifies them with its large puppet. In no time, friends encounter a multitude of creepy monsters that devour anyone who invades their exclusive territory.

Being trapped in a bottleneck is exacerbated by all feminine emotions and by the womens hypersensitivity to this dining room. In fact, some scenes are so terrible that you accidentally grab the remote control and turn off the TV because you can’t stand it anymore.


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