WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget 1.6.24


The Currency Conversion widget for WooCommerce allows you to display a widget that lists the currencies that customers can use to dynamically change the prices of the displayed currencies.


WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget Features

  • Title: Name the widget
  • Currency codes: Enter one (1) currency code per line. See a list supported currencies
  • Currency display mode: Buttons or Select Box (both shown below in Usage)
  • Widget message: Note displayed to users.
  • Show currency symbols in widget: Default is currency codes only.
  • Show reset link – If enabled, a ‘reset’ button will be shown to reset the currency back to your store’s default.
  • Disable location detection: Tick to turn off detection of the user’s location. Geolocation is included as part of the Currency Converter widget, using locale to automatically display currency for their country.